Joining Modo

+ Am I eligible to carshare with Modo?

+ How Do I join?

+ How long does it take to process my application?

Vehicles and locations

+ what types of vehicles does modo have?

+ What types of vehicle accessories are available?

+ Do Modo vehicles have winter tires?

+ Can I install a child seat or roof rack on the car?

+ Can I install tire chains or a trailer hitch on the car?

+ Can I install my own bike rack onto a Modo?

+ Where are Modo vehicles located?

+ How does Modo decide where to place vehicles?

Booking a Modo vehicle

+ How do I book Modo vehicles?

+ Do I need to book a vehicle in advance?

+ How long am I allowed to have a vehicle?

+ How do I end my booking?

+ How do I cancel a booking?

On the road with Modo

+ Do i need to inspect the vehicle before and after every booking?

+ do i have to return my Modo to its home location?

+ what if i'm running late and can't get a car back on time or want to keep it for a longer period?

+ what happens if I want to return a vehicle earlier than scheduled?

+ how do i lock my modo during and at the end of my booking?

+ What if I get a ticket or get towed?

+ What if I can't start the car?

+ can another person drive during my booking?

+ do i need to put fuel in the vehicle?

+ am i responsible for cleaning modo vehicles?

+ do i have to pay for parking?

+ can i bring my pet in a modo?

+ do i need to take my fob with me?

+ Can I stow the seats if I need to?

Damage Incidents, damage and driving-related issues

+ what should i do if i've been in an accident?

+ what should i do if i damage the vehicle or discover new damage someone else has caused?

+ how does modo's insurance work?

+ What is Modo’s “Damage Fee”?

+ Do I have to pay if damage occurs during my booking?

+ can i avoid paying the damage fee?

+ What is the Damage Pool?

+ Can I continue driving with Modo after an accident?

+ Do I need to inspect my Modo vehicle at the start and the end of my booking?

+ How do I report pre-existing damage?

+ How do I take a good photo of damage?

+ What do the numbered stickers on the vehicle mean?

+ What happens after damage is reported?

Managing your account

+ how can i pay my account balance?

+ can i add another person to my account?

+ how do i close my account?


+ how much money can i save by carsharing with modo?

+ can i use modo vehicles for work-related tasks?

+ i have a car i want to scrap via the scrap-it program. how does it apply?

+ can i take a modo vehicle across the border?

+ how can i retrieve something i forgot in the vehicle?

Open return

+ which return option is right for me?

+ what is a set return?

+ what is an open return booking?

+ how long can i make an open return booking for?

+ can i end my open return early?

+ how do i end my open return booking?

+ what happens if i don't end the open return booking once i am done with the vehicle?

+ who can make an open return booking?

+ what is the fee for open return?

+ why is there a fee for open return booking?

+ which cars are eligible for open returns?

+ do i need to book a vehicle in advance for open return?

+ what if i cancel my booking?

Electric Vehicles

+ How to charge the vehicle?

+ I'd like to take an EV for a long trip. Where can I charge?

+ As a member, can I pay by myself to use a paid charging station? 

NEXO hydrogen vehicles

+ What rate category is the nexo in?

+ How far can i drive the nexo?

+ What happens if i drive the nexo out of its range and run out of fuel?

+ how does the "start" button work?

+ how do i fuel up the nexo hydrogen vehicle?

+ is the nexo eligible for the hov lane?

+ is hydrogen safe?

+ is hydrogen zero emissions?

+ how does the self parking work?

+ where can i find a station to refill the nexo?

+ why are hydrogen vehicles in modo's fleet?

Pro Tips

We have a number of tips on our blog which cover a wide range of topics.