Driving experience without owning a car!

Are you a Modo Plus member with someone in your life who recently got their L (Learner’s) licence? Or maybe you are a new driver looking to get more experience driving on the road? If so, Modo has you covered with the green member plan.

Making carsharing affordable, convenient, inclusive and sustainable has always been at the core of Modo’s social purpose. Allowing green members the opportunity to learn with Modo underscores this, and gives learners and new drivers of all ages the chance to hit the road while saving money and the environment!

What’s a green member?

We call green members, all young or learner drivers in your life who are 16+ with an L, or under 19 with an N and who are looking to earn driving hours towards their full license in the province of British Columbia.

Green Member

Benefits of being a Green member

  • Affordable: practice your driving skills on the roads with rates starting at $4 per hour including gas and insurance
  • Convenient: access to a fleet of 800+ vehicles across the Lower Mainland, Okanagan, Squamish, and Vancouver Island
  • Versatile: gain experience driving cars, trucks, SUVs, minivans and more
  • Not to mention, you can complement your practice hours with lessons from ICBC or a driving school nearest you!


How do I become a green member?

To join as a green member, you’ll first have to meet the following requirements:

  • Be 16+ with an L, or under 19 with an N
  • Be sponsored by a Modo Plus member who is 25 or older with a valid ICBC-issued Class 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 driver’s licence (full licence)
  • Green members are not eligible to participate in Modo’s Damage Pool and are required to pay a $1,500 damage deposit*, which is refundable if/when the Green driver is eligible to join Modo with a full licence.

*Payment can be made using cash, debit card, electronic bill payment or certified cheque payable to Modo Co-operative; Credit cards and personal cheques will not be accepted.

What does sponsoring a green member mean?

It’s like a mentorship!

  • The green member account will be linked to the sponsoring Modo Plus member who will be liable for up to $2,500 in the event you (the green member) are involved in an at-fault accident.
  • The sponsoring Modo Plus member is fully responsible for the Green Member’s obligations to Modo.

The fine print:

  • All green members can make bookings, but only members with a full licence (N or Class 1-5) will be issued a fob.
  • Learner drivers (with an L) may only drive a Modo vehicle when accompanied by the Modo Plus Principal member that meets the criteria of a ‘‘qualified supervisor’’ (per ICBC definition), when the vehicle is used during a lesson with an accredited driving school or during an L driver’s ‘‘N’’ road test.

Ready to apply?

Find your mentor within the Modo Plus community and complete together the Green Member-Agreement.

Contact our Member Care Team!

  • 604.685.1393 (Lower Mainland), 250.995.0265 (Victoria), Nanaimo (250.741.4141), or 250.469.6617 (Kelowna)
  • info@modo.coop
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