Modo To Reduce Barriers, Traffic and Pollution

With about 35% of the Modo fleet currently being low emissions vehicles (BEV, PHEV, Hybrid, EV & Hydrogen), Modo continues to make the goal of a zero-emission fleet by 2030 a strategic priority.

By choosing to carshare, Modo members already help reduce congestion, traffic, and greenhouse gases. We want to take this commitment one step further, and by electrifying our fleet, we are not only increasing our responsibility to sustainability but also giving more people the opportunity to access electric vehicles (EVs), which have only been available in Canada for less than a decade.

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EVs 101

Modern electric vehicles typically have a 300 to 600km range per charge and fall into three categories:

Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV)

  • Have both an electric motor and a battery.
  • Can be recharged by plugging into a wall outlet or, ideally, a charging station.

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV)

  • Have an electric motor and battery that can be recharged by plugging in but also include a gas engine that may be used to recharge the vehicle’s battery or take over for the electric motor.
  • Because PHEVs can be recharged by plugging in, most daily driving can be done without ever using a gas engine.

Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV)

  • Work with an electric motor and battery, but instead of plugging in, the battery is charged by converting hydrogen to electricity onboard.
  • Are refuelled at public hydrogen stations and are similar to pumping gas.

Note that traditional hybrids (i.e. non plug-ins) have an electric motor but a very small battery that can only be recharged by the gas engine or regenerative braking systems. So, they aren’t considered to be electric vehicles.

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The Modo EV Fleet

Hyundai Kona

Our newest addition! With a range of over 400 kilometres and the ability to fast charge to 80% in under an hour, this EV is your top choice for road trips.

Kia Soul (BEV)

The 2016 model has a 160km range and features a level 3 fast charger (ChaDeMo). The 2020 has a 400km range and a level 3 fast charger (CCS).

Nissan Leaf (BEV)

One of the pioneers of the EV fleet! The Leaf uses older EV technology with a 3.3kw charger, taking longer to gain a full recharge but still able to drive about 100km per charge.

Toyota Prius Prime (PHEV)

Similar to the traditional Prius you know and love, but with an electric plug-in feature. This model can travel about 20 km on electricity alone, and once its battery runs out, it becomes an ordinary gas/electric Hybrid.

Mitsubishi Outlander (PHEV)

A Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle with the efficiency of a plug-in and all the flexibility of an SUV. The all-electric range is 35km, and the hybrid range is 500km, and it comes with the flexibility to both charge and fills the gas tank for longer trips (you can do either!)

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