Have you met our new member etiquette mascots, Modo’s No-No and Modo Super Member? They will guide you through the carsharing do’s and don’ts during the colder season— find all of the Modo No-No and Modo Super Member stories in this blog post.


Wrap it up!

Thanks to Modo’s diverse fleet, you can always book the right-sized vehicle for your trip! If you plan on hauling a tree this holiday season, please make sure to book one of our pickup trucks or SUVs with a roof rack to ensure a safe and clean tree-transport — or simply bring a large tarp with you, to wrap the tree up and avoid leaving sap or tree needles on the seats. Ouch!

Modo Truck winter etiquette

Don’t accidentally pocket the goods!

There is an ice scraper and brush located in every Modo. Please make sure to always leave these items in the vehicle when ending your trip, so the next member can use them for their own safe winter driving experience!

Modo Winter brush and scraper

Brush it off!

Before you start your trip, make sure you clear the roof, windshield and windows of snow for safe winter driving – there is an ice scraper and brush located in every Modo! Please don’t use hard or sharp objects to clear snow, make sure you use the scraper provided to avoid scratching any surfaces. Did you know that you can earn driving credits for digging out a Modo? Learn more.

brush it off Winter Modo

Leave no trace

Thanks for removing your trash! Another great way to leave no trace is by not bringing snow or dirt into the car (and if you do, please clean up before you return the car!). Give your boots a good stomp before you enter the car and bring a towel along. If you’re bringing ski gear, snowshoes etc. along, please make sure to bring a tarp or blanket to make sure they don’t drip over the seats and leave the next member with a wet bottom.

Winter driving Modo

Tires for every trip

Approximately 25% of Modo’s fleet are equipped with heavy duty winter-rated tires. You’ll want these for extreme winter conditions and heavy snowfall, especially on ungroomed roads.

  • Book a Modo with Winter tires by using the search filter under vehicle accessories
  • Look for the mountain snowflake symbol on the sidewalls of the tires

Plus, all Modo vehicles (except for the Fiat Abarth, Scion FRS and Mazda MX5) are equipped with M+S tires – perfect for getting around town, up to the mountains or along the Sea to Sky Highway.

Please note that chains are not permitted on your Modo!


winter tires Modo

Thank you for being a Super Member and doing your part! Need a FAQ refresher? Find them all here.

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