As a co-op, we aim to create healthier and more sustainable communities. We do this in many ways, namely by providing round trip carsharing, with all the social and environmental benefits that come with it. We also lend our voice to many initiatives designed to influence policy and systemic change. A few examples include:

The Catalyst Business Coalition, advocates for a clean economy in BC, powered by renewable energy. Together with other innovative, community-minded organization, including Modo Business members Vancity, MEC, Faiware and Lush Cosmetics, our goal is to keep BC at the forefront of climate action and clean economic growth.

The Stronger Carbon Tax Open Letter, calls on the BC government to increase the carbon tax by $10 per tonne per year, starting in July 2018. We agree that taking the next steps on the carbon tax will benefit our economy, help clean energy and clean tech businesses thrive, and encourage businesses to be better partners in reducing carbon pollution.

The City of Vancouver’s Renewable City Strategy, where we provided input and guidance, as recognition of the strong alignment we see with the City’s climate change and renewable energy targets, and Modo’s purpose as a social enterprise. We believe the City’s strategy could benefit from a significantly greater emphasis on the promotion of round trip carsharing, as a catalyst to reduce carbon pollution.

The BC Government’s Clean Transportation Strategies, where we also advocated that round trip carsharing be used as a catalyst for carbon pollution reduction from transportation. Vehicle related carbon pollution continues to rise, driven by population growth and increased consumer popularity of larger, less efficient vehicles. With the reduction of cars on our streets, as a result of using Modo, we are contributing to significant reductions in pollution and GHGs.