The only place to drive NEXO is here!

Modo is proud to be the first carshare to introduce Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicles to its fleet, as we move towards zero emissions.

The NEXO is available now. If you’re not already a Modo member, you can join today and use the promo code NEXO50 at to get $50 in free drive time.



Modo Nexo parkside

How to fuel up?

Fueling up the NEXO is easy and super efficient – the vehicle charges in only 5 minutes to a range of 570 kilometres.

There are currently four stations that provide Hydrogen. Find more info on these stations in our FAQ section, explaining the fueling up process in a few simple steps.

A zero-emission future

Round-trip carsharing reduces GHG emissions by up to 50 percent, and of our 700+ vehicles, one in five is already an EV or hybrid. In celebration of Earth Day, we’re taking our commitment to clean mobility a step further, by partnering with the CHFCA and Hyundai to add two NEXO hydrogen vehicles to our fleet.

“Hydrogen makes no-compromise, zero-emission vehicles possible for everyday use.” says Andreas Truckenbrodt, President and CEO of the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association.

“Our goal is to experiment with as many alternative fuel types as possible, in addition to better understanding user behaviour, we’ve learned a lot about the operational implications of having hybrids, full EVs and plug-ins in our fleet. Bringing in the new hydrogen vehicles gives us an opportunity to add to our learnings, and gets us one step closer to an eventual zero-emissions fleet. And while you won’t be able to buy one any time soon, members of Modo will be able to drive them and provide feedback to help shape the future of this technology.” – Selena McLachlan, Modo’s Director of Marketing.

Member review

Modo Ambassador Kristi Fuoco took the NEXO for a test drive, and shared her first impressions with us.

“I was excited to try Modo’s new Hyundai NEXO — Canada’s first consumer hydrogen fuel cell vehicle – last weekend and had a blast. It’s fun, powerful and easy to drive plus the technology in the vehicle is impressive. It’s great to see Modo adding alternative zero emission vehicles to the fleet, and nice to have an electrically powered vehicle that can be fueled up so quickly. I can’t wait to drive it again!” – Kristi Fuoco, Modo Ambassador

Modo Ambassador Kristi Fuoco with NEXO