Are you a Modo Plus member with someone in your household that’s interested in becoming a Modo member? If so, we have the perfect plan for you with the Associate Membership!

What is an Associate Membership?

An Associate member could be a partner, spouse, roommate, friend, family or anything in between!

A Modo Plus member can add an Associate member to their account for a refundable share purchase of $250 (half the share price amount of a Modo Plus member), while still driving with Modo Plus rates, as well as sharing bookings with the Associate member.

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Benefits of Associate Membership

Associate members only need to pay $250 in shareholding memberships, which is fully refundable.

Associate members are automatically added to all principal member bookings, meaning it’s easy to manage your bookings and trips.

Associate and principal members have separate accounts and invoices.

Save on the cost of gas and insurance that you would pay to own a car. Not to mention, driving at rates as low as $4 per hour!

Access to a fleet of 800 vehicles across the Lower Mainland, Okanagan, Squamish, and Vancouver Island.

Flexibility of driving a diverse range of vehicles, from compact cars to minivans and trucks.

How to apply

To apply for an associate membership or add someone to your existing Modo Plus membership:

  1. Both the Principal member and Associate member must sign the Associate-Member-Agreement form
  2. After filling out the form above, call our Member Care Team at 604.685.1393 (Lower Mainland), 250.995.0265 (Victoria), Nanaimo (250.741.4141), or 250.469.6617 (Kelowna). Or, come by our offices in Vancouver and Victoria.

At this time, Associate members cannot join online.

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More about Associate Membership

This is applicable to Member-Owners only (Modo Plus rate plan).

An Associate member is required to purchase 25 shares at $10 par value each, for a total share purchase of $250.

An Associate member must live in the same household as a Principal Member.

An Associate member that moves to another address and wants to continue to use Modo vehicles will need to either become a full member-owner by purchasing an additional 25 shares or become a Monthly Member.

There is no limit to the number of Associate members that may be associated with a Principal Member.

A notice by a Principal Member of intention to withdraw shall be deemed to be a notice of intention to withdraw by each of that Member’s related Associate members, and the membership of an Associate member shall cease at the time the Principal Member ceases to be a Member. Any such Associate member is entitled to apply for membership as an Individual member, at which time an additional 25 shares will need to be purchased.

Both the Principal member and Associate member must sign the Associate Member Agreement form.

The Associate member is financially secured by the Principal member to reduce risk from an account payment default, and vice versa.

Questions? Get in touch

Any more questions? Just visit our FAQs page or call our Member Care Team at 604.685.1393 (Lower Mainland), 250.995.0265 (Victoria), 250.741.4141 (Nanaimo), or 250.469.6617 (Kelowna).