Dig out & Drive with $25 in free drive time!

To qualify for the $25 credit, you’ll need to:

  1. Go to bookit.modo.coop and log-in
  2. Create a new booking and assess if vehicle needs to be cleared, this is applicable to cars which are snowed in and require shoveling to be able to use them
  3. At the beginning of your booking, take a before photo of the outside of the vehicle
  4. Clear the entire vehicle. Make sure the windshield is clear – there is an ice scraper in every Modo! Important: Please don’t use hard or sharp objects to clear snow, make sure you use the scraper provided to avoid scratching any surfaces.
  5. Take an after photo of the outside of the vehicle
  6. Write an email to info@modo.coop with subject line“Winter Cleaning – Modo Car #XXXX at [location] by Member #XXXX” and attach 2 photos (Image #1:  outside of the car before, Image #2: outside of the car after)
  7. Modo team member will review the email/images and credit your account with $25 in free drive time! Photos should show the need for snow removal.
  8. Repeat the above!

Need a refresher of Modo’s Winter Etiquette? Our new mascots No-No and Super Modo member can help!

Important Notes:

  • There are no restrictions on how many cars you can clear, as long as the work is high-quality!
  • Modo members receive $25 maximum for digging out vehicles and clearing them of snow
  • Staff may spot-check
  • Modo staff has the final say if $25 credit is issued
  • Modo will not reimburse members for cost of the booking