Chris and I have been Modo Members since 2013.

The Federal Store is a small café and grocery store located in the heart of Mount Pleasant, Vancouver. The corner shop has a long history of serving baked goods and groceries to Mount Pleasant residents and Chris and I have been so happy to have a chance to take our turn at it. We are best known for our Avocado Toast on our House-made Sourdough and awesome Bows & Arrows coffee program, not to mention our bright summer sidewalk garden.

Using Modo vehicles has been important to our business since the beginning. When we got the keys to our little shop in March of 2015, we didn’t realize how much work we were going to have to do to it to get it up and running. Since we were doing things on a shoestring budget, we did all the renovations to the nearly 100 year old corner store ourselves (and with the help of many skilled and generous friends). We stuffed Modo vehicles to the brim with everything from insulation to kitchen equipment. Having access to a wide variety of vehicles that could serve many purposes allowed us to do many tasks ourselves and keep expensive delivery costs down. We certainly couldn’t afford a new vehicle with our limited budget. But we knew that with Modo we could get a pick-up truck from Kingsgate Mall and pop a bunch of lumber in the back, or fill one of their vans with a bunch of floor tiles at the drop of a hat.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, in the last month we have shifted our operations from predominantly café-focused offerings to grocery basics like flour, butter, yeast, and fresh produce. While we are still offering door service and pick up pre-orders, we wanted to make sure that those who were self-isolating still had access to these essential items. In response to this we launched a delivery-by-donation program that allowed people to order groceries online and have them delivered to their doorstep on a pay-what-they-can-afford model. We could not have pulled this program off without access to larger vehicles in the Modo fleet. There has been a big demand for groceries by delivery and this has allowed us to get more grocery orders on the road to people faster. The program has been such a success that we have been able to hire on extra staff at a time when so many people have recently lost their jobs, and it means a lot to us to not only be able to keep our staff employed but to offer employment to others who need it as well.

While we look forward to a time when our shop is once again full of customers enjoying a morning coffee, we are so happy to have the support of Modo to help us serve our community in a new way. It has allowed our business to keep its doors open during a really challenging time, and I’m sure we’ll continue to be Modo customers for many years to come!

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