Modo’s Director of Fleet Operations, Anthony Okuchi, shares some details on Modo’s winter-ready fleet to keep you safe in colder temperatures and winter conditions. We’re ready for winter – are you?

Snow conditions can vary, just like our tires. With Modo, you’ll always be sure to have the right tires for your trip!

All Modo vehicles (except for the Fiat Abarth, Scion FRS and Mazda MX5) are equipped with M+S tires – perfect for getting around town, up to the mountains or along the Sea to Sky Highway.

  • No need to use the search filter under vehicle accessories, as all Modo vehicles in service over the winter will be equipped with M+S tires
  • Look for the M+S symbol on the sidewalls of the tires

All-season Winter Tires – Approximately 25% of our fleet are equipped with heavy duty winter-rated tires. You’ll want these for extreme winter conditions and heavy snowfall, especially on ungroomed roads.

  • Book a Modo with Winter tires by using the search filter under vehicle accessories
  • Look for the mountain snowflake symbol on the sidewalls of the tires
  • Winter tires, M+S tires or chains are required on most highway mountain passes in BC from October 1 to April 30. Official legal requirements can be found here
    • You are not permitted to use chains on any Modo vehicle
    • These tires are especially useful in situations such as Rogers Pass, Coquihalla Hwy, etc.

All-Season Tires – did you know that despite the name, All-Seasons are only well-suited for three seasons: spring, summer and fall. Other carshare operators use All-Season tires year-round – which do meet BC’s legal winter requirements – however we think the added safety is worth our peace of mind and yours.

One-season Winter-only Tires some of us grew up always changing out our summer tires with winter tires when the first snow started to fall. Especially those of us that grew up in colder climates. Modo does not operate with winter-only tires. Due to the milder weather here in BC, with temperatures rarely dipping below -20c, and improved tire technology, we are using all-season winter tires (mountain with a snowflake symbol) for Modo’s fleet. We have researched that the marginal performance improvements with one-season winter-only tires do not have enough of a significant advantage for BC’s winter climate.