Roughly a third of members have gotten rid of a car (or two) since joining Modo – with many of them taking advantage of the “Scrap-it” program. It’s a great incentive to shed that car of yours that’s aging out, collecting dust, or costing a small fortune to operate. We’re proud to say that Modo members have one of the lowest average rates of car ownership in Vancouver at only .36 vehicles per household, compared to 1.6  across the region. Nicely done!

How does it work?

SCRAP-IT offers incentives to scrap high polluting vehicles for an electric vehicle and other low carbon forms of transportation, for example round-trip carsharing. The program is easy – in four simple steps you can scrap your car and claim your incentive (see video below), whether you choose a discount on purchasing an EV or take advantage of a $500 driving credit with Modo. Modo is the only carshare in the lower mainland taking part in the program.

Once you receive an email with your approval letter, you have 30 days to scrap your vehicle at an authorized drop-off location.

How does the Modo incentive work?

SCRAP-IT is a not-for-profit independent society which relies on private funding, grants and contributions from a variety of sources as well as program partners in order to offer these incentives to customers.

The Scrap-It credit is applied towards your new or existing Modo account as a drive time credit. It cannot be used toward shares purchases, administrative fees, charges or fines.

Member Experience

Modo Business member Scot Bathgate of Greentools  shares his experience redeeming the Scrap-it Modo incentive. Greentools is a supplier of the “Hungry Bin”, a large capacity worm composter designed for home, business, and institutional uses throughout North America.

Modo: How did you learn about the Scrap-it program?

I actually heard about the program from my sister who is also a Modo member, she scraped her car under the program years ago.

Do you still own a vehicle, or was this your only vehicle – what was your main motivation to “scrap-it”?

I have never owned a vehicle since I moved back to Vancouver from New Zealand in 2014 and my sister has been car free since moving to Vancouver from the suburbs in 2001.  The motivation to “scrap-it” arose when our elderly father recently lost his driving privileges and we were looking for an option to sell his vehicle.  His vehicle was dated and in rather poor condition so we felt selling it was a hassle and would return less value than scrap-it, but also saw it as an opportunity to use the Modo credit to travel from Vancouver to White Rock to visit with him.

How was the process, can you explain it for members who have never heard of scrap-it?

It was rather easy, although I believe there was a little extra paperwork required because we were acting as Power of Attorney for my father and his vehicle.

Would you recommend “scrapping it”?

Absolutely.  You are removing a vehicle from the roads and you don’t have to waste your time dealing with Craigslist and meeting up with prospective buyers to sell a vehicle.

Your Modo experience so far, has been…

Convenient, flexible and affordable.  Our company uses the vans to transport our products across Vancouver.

Own less, live more means to me…

Saving money from owning a vehicle and investing those funds into my business.

Scarp it Greentools