We created a Holiday “Modo Makers” guide featuring members artisans to support the local community. Jean Huang is one of our featured Modo Makers. In our interview we talk about carsharing, her source of inspiration and the impact of Covid on her art! 

How long have you been carsharing with Modo?

My partner and I have been carsharing with Modo since 2015. We use Modo to explore new hikes around B.C. and to run errands, such as transporting materials to and from my mural project this summer. The mural is located at 1095 Mainland Street (in front of Earls) in Vancouver.

Modo and Jean Huang

Your favourite Modo?

My Modo of choice is the 2019 Toyota Prius, as it’s eco-friendly, comfortable, and conveniently one of the closest vehicles to my home.

Your favourite Modo trip or memory?

My favourite Modo trips always begin with driving over the Lions Gate Bridge towards the Sea to Sky Highway to find a new trail to explore. I love having my windows down right before I hit the bridge to take in the fresh forest air of Stanley Park, while playing a new album over the speakers.

Tell us about your art – and where members can see it in person or online?

The Time Capsule is a collection of dual-layered abstract paintings that serve as an archive of our feelings during the pandemic. The base of each piece represents feelings of ‘uncertainty,’ which is then contrasted with an overlayer that showcases feelings of ‘calmness.’ Instead of completely covering up uncertainty with calmness, much of the uncertain parts remain visible to suggest that both calmness and uncertainty can exist together. Each piece invites the viewer to use their imagination to find the possibilities, beauty, and lessons that may be hidden within uncertainty.

Find my art on Instagram: @j3anhuang.art  and on my website.

What inspires you in Vancouver?

The endless nature in and around Vancouver has always been my greatest inspiration. I feel most at home when I’m at Lighthouse Park with my sketchbook and camera—surrounded by towering trees, lush ferns, and gazing out over the endless ocean from a cliffside. I’ve visited this park so many times, yet every time, I come across something new. This place teaches me to see everything with fresh eyes.

How has Covid impacted you as an artist?

The pandemic has changed my art practice in a profound way—it is what ultimately propelled me into abstract art. When the pandemic first began, I noticed uncertainty was a universally shared feeling. Uncertainty is such an overwhelming feeling and concept, so it seemed best to represent it abstractly. This motivated me to create the Time Capsule collection, as a way to translate the feeling of uncertainty and challenge ourselves to see it in a more uplifting light, while also bringing a sense of calmness to our lives.

Jean Huang mural

You will be part of Modo’s Holiday maker guide in December, tell us more about what you offer! 

Each piece is a visual representation of a conversation surrounding the words ‘uncertainty’ and ‘calmness.’ I am excited to offer custom Time Capsule pieces to Modo members, which involves creating a piece inspired by your thoughts surrounding uncertainty and calmness. If you are interested in having a custom piece created, please inquire via direct message on Instagram ( @j3anhuang.art ) or email.