We created a Holiday “Modo Makers” guide featuring members artisans to support the local community. Heidi Kuhn is one of our featured Modo Makers. In our interview we talk about her shrubs, where to find them locally — and an exciting Holiday Member Perk!

How did you get started?

I started Mixers and Elixirs in 2015 to get involved with the local food scene that I was so interested in, and as means to find more balance in my work life. I started making shrubs, which are also known as drinking vinegar. A drinking vinegar is basically a concentrate made from 3 ingredients – Local BC fruit, organic apple cider vinegar and non GMO cane sugar.

Heidi Kuhn

What are shrubs used for?

Shrubs can be mixed with soda water for an alternative to alcohol, that sweet and tart flavour combo really provides a satisfying beverage experience. Shrubs can also be used with cocktails, and my  favourite is taking a small amount of shrub and adding it to prosecco for a low alcohol refreshing simple cocktail. You can find recipe inspiration on my website!

Mixers and Elixirs Modo

Where can members find your shrubs?

Mixers and Elixirs can be found at the local farmers markets (find dates & locations here), at choice small grocery stores and local retailers, and also can be ordered online. For the month of December, you can order a gift pack of 3 mini bottles of shrubs to experiment with and find out which flavour is your favourite. 

Tell us about your exciting Holiday Member Perk!

My special offer to fellow Modo members: For the month of December, present your Modo fob at a farmers market and you’ll get 20% off your Mixers and Elixirs purchase.

If you are ordering online, include your Modo member number in the email and you will get a free mini shrub bottle with a purchase over $45. All orders over $45 include free delivery within the City of Vancouver and we’ll come to your home with our shrubs in our favourite Modo vehicle!