written by Emily Sproule, founder of Jarr, a package-free delivery service in the lower Mainland. Emily has been a Modo member since 2012!

In April of 2019 I was looking at my household waste feeling that familiar feeling again, frustrated that there were no better options for me and my family to help us create less packaging waste in the world. I was working full time, a busy mom of two young children and I found it was almost impossible to find the time to shop zero waste, even though I really wanted to. I had been holding out hope that larger organizations would offer of zero waste delivery but they never came through. So, that April, in a moment of frustration, I made the decision to do it myself! Fast forward to June 2020 when we actually started delivering to the public — it was incredibly exciting to see this dream come to life.

Jarr Delivery Modo

I started delivering Jarr groceries in my family’s electric vehicle but soon came to realize it was too small to serve my customer base. We quickly pivoted to another sustainable option, Modo! We love the roundtrip carshare model — as a new company we really don’t need a full time vehicle and we can select the perfect sized vehicle we need for the amount of deliveries we have. We know roundtrip carshares are better for the environment, with less vehicles needing to be produced overall. We are also a super lean start-up and Modo helped us stay lean right from the start!

Now, we use a Modo cargo van 2-3 times a week, delivering to Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster and even Bowen Island. Modo has allowed us to grow our business in a way that is both accountable to the environment and our balance statement.

Today, Jarr offers groceries, household supplies and personal care items in returnable deposit based jars, delivered package-free to your door. Our refillable vessel of choice is the mason jar as they are useful forever and are unlikely to accidentally end up in recycling or garbage streams.

Modo and Jarr

We believe that reusables are the answer to help us curb plastic packaging pollution and we are determined to make living with reusables more accessible for everyone in the lower mainland.

Modo members get a special perk with Jarr! Check our Promo & Perks page for this and other exciting member offers.