Saanich, BC, May 27, 2021 – Today, the District of Saanich becomes home to Vancouver Island’s first hydrogen fuel cell-powered SUV, thanks to member-owned carshare co-operative, Modo.

The NEXO is powered by hydrogen, a fully sustainable energy source, which allows the vehicle to emit clean water vapour and purify the air as it is being driven. This technology also provides the vehicle with superior range conservation in cold climates compared to other battery electric powertrains, making them particularly resilient for Canadian winters, and just plain old fun in warmer. What’s more – a five minute refill will carry you for up to 570 KM. 

Though the technology has been around for a while in commercial vehicles, it’s only recently through Modo, consumers are able to get behind the wheel of this zero emission ride. The NEXO has been in the carshare co-operative’s Lower Mainland fleet for a few years now, with growing uptake. “I am excited to see how well NEXO has done in the Modo fleet. We are demystifying the Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicle, one person at a time,” says Don Romano, President and CEO of Hyundai Auto Canada. “It’s important for us to make innovative green technologies readily available for Canadians, accelerating education and ensuring a sustainable future.”

As consumers get more comfortable with alternatives to gasoline combustion engines, Modo is hoping they will not only appreciate the environmental benefits, but the improved performance as well. “I loved the NEXO. It was smooth to drive, and I appreciated the streamlined dashboard, parking camera, and the intuitiveness of the car,” says Modo member Yasmine Hardcastle. “Eco-friendly vehicles tend to be much quieter, and this was no exception. I can’t wait to drive it again!” 

“Experimenting with alternative fuel types is extremely valuable and allows us to continue to reduce our emissions,” says Christian Brandt, the Vancouver Island Fleet Manager at Modo. “We’re learning a lot about the operational implications of having a variety of vehicles in our fleet, including hybrids, full EVs and plug-ins. The NEXO, with its hydrogen powertrain, brings us even more learning, while getting our fleet closer to zero-emissions.”

While hydrogen fueling infrastructure is still in the early stages of development, Modo’s clean ride will be conveniently located at Falmouth and Quadra, about one kilometre from the filling station. To help new members get behind the wheel of a NEXO, Modo is offering $50 in free drive time when joining online with the promo code SAANICHNEXO. 

Nexo closeup

About Modo
Modo started in 1997 as the first carshare co-operative in the region. To this day, it remains member-owned and driven by people not profit. Modo provides its round trip service to over 20,000 members and 1.000 businesses across the Vancouver Island, the Lower Mainland, and Okanagan. Members get access to over 700 cars, trucks, SUVs and vans, with rates starting at just $4 per hour, including gas and insurance.

Media Contact
Christian Brandt
Regional Fleet Manager, Vancouver Island


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