Modo Ambassador Yasmine Hardcastle shares why she loves driving Modo’s diverse fleet, and opts for our hybrid vehicles whenever possible!

One of my favourite things about being a Modo member is that our fleet consists of roughly 25% hybrid or electric vehicles. There are two right near my home in Port Moody and the ability to get out and drive in the last year has been a sanity-saver in a year where things have been tough for everyone.

Here’s why I love driving a hybrid vehicle:

1. You feel good about driving it.

Hybrid vehicles use less fuel consumption and have lower CO2 emissions. While the joy I get from driving one comes from a more practical place, the fact that the car(s) I choose are helping the environment makes me feel good. 

2. Blissful quiet. 

As a still new-ish adult driver, I’m a) still sorting out what car model I prefer driving; and b) the only noise I want while I’m driving is the radio. The engines in the red Prius and the blue RAV-4 that I love to drive are so quiet. It makes for a peaceful and very zen driving experience — which I really needed this past year.

Yasmine fall

3. No stress about filling up the tank.

Confession: I’ve only used a gas pump maybe five times in my driving life (I think that my Modo car use has been 90% hybrid since I became a member). That is the brilliant thing about a hybrid engine — the way it recharges itself means drivers can focus on the tasks at hand. Like personal or work errands. Or getting groceries for your parents who went on a vacation in February 2020 and came home to pandemic quarantine in March. Eek.

4. It’s the exact same as a “regular” car — but better.

I think that when hybrids first came onto the market, people may have thought they had to compromise overall style and functionality, and maybe pay more in order to drive a car that’s better for our planet. This is not true. 

5. A hybrid is a perfect car for new drivers. 

Whether you’ve just gotten your L or are coming back to driving as an adult, I personally think a hybrid is the ideal car for a new driver to earn their driving stripes. Specifically because of #s 2 and 3.

These are my favourite hybrid vehicles from the Modo fleet:

● Hyundai NEXO (Vancouver)

● Toyota Prius (Victoria) — The car I passed my road test in!

● Toyota Prius (Port Moody)

● Toyota RAV-4 (Port Moody)

I’ve also shared some tips for New Driver Modo members on the blog here. Happy driving!

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