written by Modo Ambassador Yasmine Hardcastle

Having obtained my N (Class 7 licence) in my 20’s, I’m a tad late to the driving party. But my Modo membership has made it easy and convenient for me to practice for my Class 5 test and to feel more at ease behind the wheel. Modo was actually the first Vancouver-based carshare to allow N drivers to become members, which—along with affordable rates and a varied fleet of cars and locations—was the main reason I joined.

Fast-forward a few years and I just ditched the N— I passed my Class 5 test in October! But whether you’re a teenage Green member, or a slightly older new driver (with possibly your second or third N magnet… I know it isn’t just me!), there are a few things to keep in mind when driving your Modo.

Yasmine with N license

1. Alway do a pre- and post trip check of your Modo vehicle.

Modo members are required to do a pre- and post-trip inspection of their Modo vehicle and report new damage before and after driving. Give yourself a 5-10 minute buffer on either side of your vehicle reservation to do a complete 360 walk-around to inspect the entire vehicle (inside and out!). For more info on vehicle inspections, click here.

2. Put your N or L magnet on the back of the vehicle.

Per ICBC rules, your N or L reflective magnet must be visibly displayed on the back of the vehicle you are driving. If you’ve lost your N sign, you don’t need to buy a new one – you can get one for free at any driver licensing office. (Hand-made signs are not permitted.) In a pinch, you can download and print a temporary N sign from the ICBC website. ​

Top Tip: Also remember to take your magnet off the vehicle when you’re done!

3. Know where you’re going.

The use of hand-held or hands-free electronic devices​ is not permitted for N drivers. Be sure to know your route before you get on the road or ask your passenger to be your navigator.

4. Leave the car better than when you found it.

As with any campsite, be sure to leave the Modo vehicle even better than when you found it. Make sure the next driver starts their trip with a smile!

  • Clean up after yourself.
  • Make sure you have all your belongings.
  • Leave at least ¼ full tank of gas or charge in the vehicle.

5. Remember to tap out to lock your Modo!

Your Modo fob not only unlocks your car, it also locks it. Be sure to tap out whenever you leave the vehicle and when your reservation is complete to end your trip.

Top Tip: If you finish your errands or practice driving early, make sure to call Modo or log into your account to modify and end your reservation early (Make someone happy and save yourself some money #winwin).

Green Member

Bonus Tip: Modo now accepts drivers as young as 16 with an L licence.

Are you a Modo Plus Member with someone in your life who recently got their L? Or maybe you are a new driver (18 years old with an N) looking to get more experience driving on the road? If so, Modo has you covered as a Green Member!

I love that Modo gives learners and new drivers of all ages the chance to hit the road while saving money and the environment. If the Green Membership had been around when I was a teenager, I probably would have achieved my Class 5 much sooner.

By the way, I passed my test in October (and I wish the same to you!) — happy driving!