Ly Vu

Ly Vu is a marketing & UI/UX Design professional living in Mount Pleasant, Vancouver. Ly is also former staff of Modo’s Marketing & Communications team. With a deep love for the outdoors, sustainable living is very important to Ly. She almost always spends time in nature on the weekend, and otherwise you can catch her climbing at the Cliffhanger during the week. Some other things that Ly loves: zero waste living, ethical buying, volunteering, travelling, reading non-fiction books, and dancing to techno music.


Instagram: @itslyvu | Website:

+ How long have you been a Modo member for and what type of membership do you have?

+ What made you want to join Modo?

+ How do you use Modo and what’s your go to vehicle?

+ What was your most memorable Modo trip?

+ In one word, what does Modo mean to you?