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Carsharing with Modo

  • You need to be at least 19 years old with a valid BC driver’s licence.*

    You also need to meet Modo’s driving standard:

    • N licence or better;
    • no at fault accidents within the past two years;
    • no licence suspensions within the past two years; and
    • no more than two traffic violations in the past two years.

    * You may be eligible to join with an out-of-province/out-of-country licence as long as you meet our driving requirements above.

  • If you have had a BC driver’s licence for at least 2 years:

    1. Use ICBC’s online request page to request they email the following two documents directly to
      • Driving record (driver’s abstract)
      • Insurance and claims history record

    Click “Get your driving records”. We will need both sets of records for the past two years.

    If you have a BC driver’s licence, and have also had another licence within the past 2 years:

      1. Use ICBC’s online request page to request they email the following two documents directly to
        • Driving record (driver’s abstract)
        • Insurance and claims history record

      Click “Get your driving records”. We will need both sets of records for the past two years.

    1. You can either:
      • come to our office and sign an Eligibility Declaration in person when you pick up your fob, or
      • provide the equivalent records from the country/state/province which issued your previous licence. Consult the foreign license and driving records page to find out how you can request your previous driving documentation, or contact our Member Loyalty Team at or 604.685.1393 / 250.995.0265 for more information.

    If you only have a licence from outside BC:

    1. After you sign up online, come to our office and sign an Eligibility Declaration in person when you pick up your fob.
    2. You may be required to get a BC licence in order to be eligible to drive in the province. Read the ICBC requirements for more information on obtaining a BC driver’s licence.

  • 1. Get your driving records from ICBC

    Use ICBC’s online request page to request they email the following two documents directly to

    • Driving record (driver’s abstract)
    • Insurance and claims history record

    We will need both sets of records for the past two years.

    2. Register online

    To join as a Modo Plus or Monthly member, register online. It takes just a few minutes and requires a valid credit card (prepaid or debit cards not accepted). Once you receive your vehicle access fob in the mail, you’re ready to go!

    To join as a Business or Associate Member, contact us at

    Or visit our office

    If you’d rather register at our office in Downtown Vancouver, just call our Member Loyalty Team to schedule a brief orientation. Bring along your driver’s licence for verification, and if you’re signing up for a Monthly membership, please also bring a valid credit card (prepaid credit cards not accepted).

  • Lots! Our rates include almost everything: insurance, gas, maintenance, parking privileges and bridge tolls. Check out the comparison between owning a car and using Modo.

  • Scrap-It credit can be applied towards your Modo account as a driving credit. The credit cannot be used toward shares purchases, administrative fees, charges or fines.

  • Members can log in to close their accounts online under their Settings — just click the Close Account tab and follow the instructions.

    Modo Plus members will have their shares returned to them—more information about the closing of shareholding accounts can be found in our Modo Plus Manual.

  • The short answer is no, but there are a couple of options you can explore.

    • Modo Plus (shareholding) members can add an Associate Member with a $250 share purchase. They can share driving and bookings. Note, the Modo Plus member is liable for any debts not paid by the Associate Member and vice versa. Contact Modo to learn more:
    • To share the driving, you can add another Modo member as a driver to any single booking you make. Note, the booking will only appear on the account of the person who booked.
  • It’s important that our members be able to transport their pets, but we have a strict pet policy: animals must be transported in a carrier, with no trace left behind. Otherwise, cleaning fees charged to your account could run up to $200.

    Please note: pets are not permitted, even in a carrier, in our allergen-free vehicles.

    If you spot pet hair in a vehicle, be sure to report it right away by emailing – and if possible include photos.

  • Yes, Modo is a two-way carshare which means you pick and drop off the vehicle at the same spot. Read our Booking FAQs below for more details!

Modo Cars

  • Modo has the most diverse fleet of any carshare in the world. From hatchbacks and sporty convertibles, to CUVs, to trucks, to hybrids and electrics, to stow-n-go minivans and even cargo vans. We charge the same rates for all our vehicles, with the exception of our Oversized Vehicles, which currently include most cargo and 8-passenger vans and cost more to operate.

  • Modo offers a variety of accessories on a variety of vehicles – from bike racks, roof racks and snow tires to Bluetooth, backup cameras and stow-n-go seating. And the best part is that all these accessories are included in our rates.

    When booking a car, search the list of vehicle accessories to see all the options.

  • Modo vehicles are located in hundreds of locations around Metro Vancouver and Victoria. Our current service areas include North Vancouver, UBC, Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Surrey, Richmond, Coquitlam, Port Moody, Horseshoe Bay, Greater Victoria, and Nanaimo. We also have vehicles at Tsawwassen and Swartz Bay ferry terminals!

  • We have sophisticated mapping systems that show us where our members live and work, and where the demand for carsharing is. Using this information helps us decide where to place our cars.

    Conversely, when usage at a specific location drops we may decide to move a car to another location where demand is increasing.

  • Oversized and Premium vehicles cost more to operate, so we’ve priced them a bit higher than the rest of our fleet. Our Oversized vehicles currently include most cargo and 8-passenger vans. Premium vehicles are BMW and Lexus models. Click here to see Our Fleet

    • Modo Plus members pay $9 per hour or $90 per 24-hours
    • Monthly members pay $12 per hour or $96 per 24-hours
    • Business accounts pay $12 per hour or $96 per 24-hours

    *Standard kilometre rates for each plan apply to Oversized vehicle bookings.

Booking Modo Cars

  • Making a booking is easy. You can book using our mobile app, desktop booking site or by phone.

    Before you book, take a moment to plan the start and end times of your trip. Booking extra time at the end of your trip can help you avoid a late charge.

    When booking, have your member number or username handy. You can search available vehicles by car location, neighbourhood or vehicle type, along with your trip details. For easy booking, you can designate favourite locations near your home or your work.

    Reserve the vehicle for the whole time you’ll have it, even overnight hours, so we know when the vehicle will be returned to its home location and become available for someone else to book.

    Please note, statutory holidays that fall on weekdays are booked as weekdays, not weekends.

    The shortest length of booking is 30 minutes and the longest is 30 days. You can extend your booking in 15-minute increments if the car is available. Read more

    If you’re booking from a mobile browser, our site will detect your device and should automatically display the mobile version of the site.

  • You can book on the spot or up to a year in advance.

    If you’re interested in a specific vehicle, advanced planning is always a good idea. For example, if you know you’ll need a cargo van next week to help your pal move, book it as soon as possible – especially for the first weekend of the month!

    If you live in the urban core and don’t care which vehicle you drive, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to book something immediately. Especially during off-peak times (weekday evenings, for example).

  • You can always cancel a booking. However, depending on how much notice you give us, you may still pay part of your original time charge:

    • If you cancel with less than 12 hours’ notice, you will be charged 50% of the original time charge. There’s no charge for any part of your booking more than 12 hours away.
    • If you don’t show up – that’s a No Show – you’ll be charged at 100% of the original time charge plus $10. This charge is in place to ensure our members don’t abuse the carsharing system.

    Note that if another member books the vehicle during the time you’ve freed up, your cancellation charge drops to zero.

  • The minimum time is 30 minutes, and the maximum is 30 days. (Yes, you can go on that road trip!)

  • Not unless they are members of Modo. If you refer a friend or family member, you can earn a free driving credit! Once they complete our online registration, they can email us your Modo member number(or mention it if they sign up at our office) and we’ll take care of the rest.

  • Be prepared for the unexpected delay. It’s a good idea to get into the habit of padding your booking with an extra 15 minutes or more for “just in case” situations, like traffic accidents or construction. (Add a few hours if ferries are involved!)

    If you find yourself running late, give us a call immediately so we can alert the next member and, in some cases, set them up with another vehicle.

On the road

  • Hold your fob to the reader on the windshield to lock your Modo during a booking, or when you’ve returned it. Don’t manually lock the vehicle. Fobbing out secures the vehicle by disabling the engine. If you don’t fob out at the end of your booking there is a $40 fine.

  • Probably not. Members are responsible for keeping the fuel at least 1/4 full. Modo covers the gas, so you might as well fill ‘er up! You can use our cards at Shell, Esso, Chevron, Petro-Canada or Superstore, or pay at any station of your choice and we’ll reimburse you with a receipt.

    If you experience any problem with our fuel cards, please pay for the fill up and send your receipt to for reimbursement. We’ll credit your account on your next invoice.

    Friendly Reminder: Please note, our fuel cards cannot be used at Husky, Mohawk or independent stations such as Co-op.


  • Carsharing is about sharing the costs and access to a vehicle. It is not about sharing responsibility for infraction costs. If you get a speeding, parking or other traffic-related ticket, you’ll have to pay for it. If the car is towed or impounded during your booking, you will have to pay for the cost incurred to recover it.

  • Call us right away and we’ll troubleshoot with you. If it turns out to be a mechanical failure of some sort, we’ll get roadside assistance to tow the car and figure out how to get you on your way.

  • Carsharing across the border is a-okay. Our fleet insurance covers you to drive anywhere in Canada and the US. Here’s a useful tip: give yourself a bit of extra time before your trip to inspect your booked vehicle—inside and out. Remove any items that don’t belong to you or the Modo car. That way, if you’re asked at the border, you can say with confidence that you know all the contents of the vehicle.

  • Modo’s Fleet Team cleans our the cars regularly—inside and out. But if you lend a hand, you can clean up on free drive time!

    If you’ve had pets in the car, please do an extra sweep to make sure the car is left tidy for the next member. When using a Modo parked at a residential building, please respect their garbage and recycling rooms and avoid leaving a mess.

    If you ever arrive at a Modo car and discover a mess left behind by a previous member, email photos and a description to

  • There are some areas in the Lower Mainland where Modo members can park without paying and without worry. However, these parking privileges vary by city, municipality and district. All our cargo vans and pick-up trucks have commercial parking permits and we also have preferred parking spots at Grouse Mountain, Mount Seymour, IKEA Coquitlam and Richmond. Read more about Modo Parking Privileges.

    Otherwise, members are responsible for any metered or paid parking during their trip.

  • Any damage bigger than your fob has to be reported, so our team can take care of it. If the scrape, dent, stain or damage has a sticker on it, it has already been reported. To file a report, call our team, leave a note under Vehicle Notes on your booking or send an email to Photos are welcome! Unreported damage is investigated and can result in a fine.

  • If you don’t think you’ll have the car back and ready for the next member by the end of your booking, try extending your booking using your smart phone or call us to help. The charge for returning a vehicle late is $30.


  • It’s unpleasant to think about collisions but it’s best to be prepared. Here is some advice that could help out (adapted from ICBC):

    Step 1 Make sure you and your passengers are safe. If anyone is injured, call 911. If it’s safe to move vehicles off the road, do so. Avoid discussing who is at fault.

    Step 2 Gather the following information for all vehicles and drivers involved in the collision:

    • Driver’s name, driver’s licence number, state or province, and contact information
    • Vehicle licence plate number and year, make and model
    • Insurance information if the vehicle is not from BC

    Step 3 If there are any witnesses to the collision, gather their names and contact information.

    Step 4 Gather information about the collision scene including the date, time, and weather conditions; the location; the direction each vehicle was traveling; your vehicle in relation to the other vehicle(s).

    Step 5 Call Modo and we’ll walk you through the next steps.


  • We know accidents happen, that’s why every Modo driver gets full collision and comprehensive coverage. Modo’s fleet is insured up to $5 million under a Third-Party Liability policy from ICBC. And since we have a fleet plan through ICBC, we carry the insurance, not you.

  • If a Modo is damaged while in your care, you pay up to $1,000, depending on the extent of the damage. (Yes, that includes damage to the tires.) For Business accounts, the Damage Fee is $100.

    You can avoid being charged by paying your invoice using a credit card with CLDI (Collision/Loss Damage Insurance) or joining our Damage Pool. Learn more.

    If you are involved in an accident during your booking, call us as soon as possible. You can also submit photos of any damage before or after your booking to Read more about our accident policy in our Carsharing Handbook.

  • In the event of an accident, Modo members pay a damage fee up to the first $1,000. There are two options available for individual members to avoid paying the damage fee:

    Damage Pool

    Enrolling in the Damage Pool reduces your damage fee to $0 should you be involved in an accident, including at-fault accidents. The Damage Pool is optional—it costs $50 annually and expires after being used in the event of an accident.

    It costs $50 to re-enrol after an accident. The Damage Pool covers all Modo vehicles. Members must be enrolled in the Damage Pool prior to an accident. All individual members are eligible to join our Damage Pool.

    Collision Loss Damage Insurance (CLDI):

    Reduce your damage fee to $0 by paying your Modo statements and/or invoices with a credit card that offers Collision Loss Damage Insurance (CLDI). The cost of damages is covered by the insurer. Please check with your credit card company if you qualify. CLDI does not cover trucks or cargo vans.

    Please note: Individual members choose insurance options when signing up online and can adjust them under their Account Settings at their convenience.



  • Yes! Modo has roaming agreements with carsharing organizations (CSO) around the world. That means that you can carshare in other cities easily using your Modo membership. When you want to roam with another CSO, Modo will contact that CSO to let them know you are a Modo member in good standing: meaning, you meet our driving standards and generally pay your bills on time. Find a list of Roaming Partners in cities across Canada, the U.S. and beyond.

  • In order to roam, you need to be a Modo member in good standing. There may be other criteria such as your age, but the basic criteria to be a member in good standing are:

    • You have not had more than 5 late vehicle returns in the last 6 months;
    • You have not had more than 1 at fault accident in the last 2 years;
    • You pay your Modo bills regularly, meaning you’re not carrying an unpaid balance of more than $25 for more than 2 months.
  • If you’re a member of a carsharing organization (CSO) at home, you may be eligible to carshare here with Modo. Please contact us to confirm that we have a roaming agreement in place with the CSO in your town. Email us or check out our roaming partner list here.

    Roaming members pay our Monthly member rates.

    1. Confirm eligibility
    If you’re at least 19 years of age, hold a valid driver’s licence, and are a member in good standing with your home CSO, then you’re good to go!

    2. Complete our roaming agreement
    The roaming agreement says that you’ll carshare according to Modo’s rules and pay us directly for your carsharing. There is no annual fee. If your CSO has a roaming agreement with Modo, your $10 registration fee is waived; otherwise the registration fee is applicable.

    Please scan and email the agreement or fax it to us. (Email us for the number.)

    Check out the FAQ about Modo’s insurance coverage to find out how to avoid paying for damage fees in the event of an accident.

    Modo will confirm with your CSO that you’re a member in good standing with them and we’ll contact you to arrange for a quick visit to Modo. We check your photo ID, take a credit card authorization and assign a fob for access to our fleet.

Business Members

  • To open a Business account, we require a $250 security deposit (refundable); for those wanting become a shareholding member of the co-op , we require a $500 payment (also refundable). Both options allow for an unlimited number of drivers on your Business account (you must have a minimum of two drivers). Then, you’ll just need to pay a $10 registration fee for each driver on the account.

    Purchasing a share grants your organization membership to the co-op. This means a designated delegate will receive one vote on behalf of your organization at Modo’s Annual General Meeting.

    Click here to learn more about Business membership!

  • You can sign up an unlimited number of drivers to your Business account. The registration fee is $10 per driver.

    You need to be at least 19 years old with a valid BC driver’s licence.*

    You also need to meet Modo’s driving standard:

    • N licence or better;
    • no at fault accidents within the past two years;
    • no licence suspensions within the past two years; and
    • no more than two traffic violations in the past two years.

    * You may be eligible to join with an out-of-province/out-of-country licence as long as you meet our driving requirements above.



    1. Get your driving records from ICBC

    Use ICBC’s online request page to email the following two documents directly to

    • Driving record (driver’s abstract)
    • Insurance and claims history record

    We will need both sets of records for the past two years.

    2. Provide Authorization

    Once your organization’s Modo contact approves your eligibility for enrolment, have them email their confirmation to

    3. Register Online

    Complete your registration online, choosing the “I am applying to drive on an organization’s account” option.

    • For drivers who have previously held a Modo membership, please contact our Member Loyalty Team (604.685.1393) to complete your registration

    Once our team reviews your application, we’ll be in touch to confirm your registration and other account details. In the meantime, please read the following membership documents:

    New Member Sheet
    Carsharing Handbook
    Price list for Business accounts



    All you have to do is return your fob to your organization’s Modo Liaison.


    Email with the name of the driver to remove and collect their fob. Please note, if the driver has a personal account with us they should keep their fob.

    Questions? Contact Mona or Susanne from our Business Member team at 604.673.2496 or email us at

Cleaning Modo Cars

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